A chick's journey to a healthier self

14 November 1985
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I was born on 11/14/85, in the great province of New-Brunswick. I'm the third and last child of this family, having two older brothers.

I went to university for four years, without finishing my bachelor's degree. I decided to take a hiatus, as I don't know exactly what I want to do next with my life. I have opened my mind to some possibilities, but I don't have anything definitive in mind yet.

I started being a plump kid I guess around the age of 11 or 12. I never stopped gaining weight until my 10th grade. It stabilized for about two years, and the I started gaining weight again.

Looking at myself in the mirror and on pictures lately, I couldn't help to notice that it's been worst than ever. I'm at my most heavy right now, and I can't help but think how my Mom died at age 40 of an infarction related to diabetes. I don't want to die as young as she did, so that's why I've decided to take my life in hands.

This journal is to help me through my journey. I hope, amongst other things, to grow from this. I want to be able to like myself, inside and out, and understand myself better. Here's to me!
- biking, - exercise type: yoga/ballet/dance, - playing board games, - singing, - skating and roller-skating, - surfing the net, - taking walks outside, - watching movies, - watching tv, especially old sitcoms (70-90's), mostly comedies and musicals